I’m Alex Wong, a foodie, an artist, a musician, a linguist, and an educator.  I have always been spoiled by good food from my grandmothers’ cooking, and my parents who always took us to places serving different cuisines from many countries.  I have lived in Asia, Europe, Australia, and USA.  I am always in search for good eats in all places, whether in strip malls, food courts, street vendors, or in restaurants, low-end to high-end.  I am sharing with you my experiences, and I hope that I can inspire you to venture out and try these venues in your vicinity.  Happy Eating!

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  1. Excellent site, and truly appreciate your observations and the benefits of your experience. Having traveled about, I do believe that, in spite of what others have written, the DC area does provide an ample and satisfying dining experience. Keep up the great work.
    Rogers Fuller

  2. I will be going back out to San Francisco next month. My intention is to comment on some restaurants out there. Some outstanding, sometimes over looked ones in the Castro.

    1. Thank you so much for the Award. It took me some time to see what the Award was about. Thanks for your kind words and I hope the blogs will continue you to be hungry.

  3. hi! just came across your blog and it is delightful! i have worked in food service ALL of my life and must say it is truly a unique and FUN profession. i lived in D.C. about 25 years ago and still have many good friends in the area. worked at the Brickskellar right of off Dupont Circle and at Blossom’s( no longer there) by the Old Post Office Pavillion. also was employed at City Cafe but i don’t know if they are still in existence or not. my husband and i are planning a trip to D.C. this summer to take the kids to the zoo and all of the other sites. hopefully we can stop by your restaurant. great blog…keep up the good work!

      1. Thank you. I have friends that own restaurant and believe me, this is not what I want to do! LOL. But I enjoy visiting and eating at their places. Thanks for stopping by my site.

  4. Hi Alex, Enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for directing me to it. There is a new Indian restaurant opening up in Bethesda serving South and North Indian cuisine, including quite a few vegan options. You should check it out some time..
    Btw.. we dined at Aroy Thai place one night neighboring tables..

  5. Hi there! I really enjoy reading your blog (in fact it’s making me quite hungry)! I was hoping to ask you a question via email, would you mind sending me a note at the address provided? Thank you!

  6. Alex. Rogers Fuller here. It has been a while, so hope all is well, but at least I can keep up from your blog. My husband and I dined at La Perla in DC last night, prior to La Boheme at the Kennedy Center. We chose it since it was close to the Center, they receive consist 4 and 5 stars on Yelp, and, the started dinner at 4, since curtain was 7 and he wanted to catch the pre-show at 6. I waivered between 4 and 5 stars, had some observations about the bread served and wine selection, but overall not bad. If you get a chance, try it, as I would be curious about your own observations. Hopefully, we can connect for lunch or dinner at Aroy in College Park, as we have talked about.

  7. Hello WongEats,

    I’m a DC reporter looking into some of the food traditions during Chinese New Year. Love the blog and thought I could pick your brain. Could you contact me? Thanks -Denise

  8. Not sure if I did this right the first time….But yes, I’m hoping to reach to you regarding help on foods specific to Chinese New Year for a possible radio story. If you can contact me as soon as you’re able, I’d love to pick your foodie brain. Thanks -DG

  9. are you the Alex Wong from NY? Had a restaurant on Bay Parkway Brooklyn and also in Maspeth? We were friends many years ago and I brought my Kingsborough College colleagues to your restaurant many times. You and your master Chan taught my father in law Sy how to cook.

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