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  2. Alex. I am glad you are out and about trying to discover the real, culinary Prince George’s. Having lived in San Francisco, and a frequent traveler to New York, I sometimes fall into the trap that we have nothing to offer. Having said that, I read with interest the above review of Tiffin. By and large, I agree with your assessment. I have to admit I was a die hard devotee of Udupi and was saddened when they had to move to make way for the new drug store. While Tiffin does not disappoint, I am wondering, as I read this, if you have had the opportunity to travel up the road a bit to Woodlands?

    I wrote a review in Yelp about the latter. I am vegetarian myself, though I yield to the fish temptation on occasion (no, I am not of the “meat is murder” crowd. To each, their own), so Woodlands did have appeal.

    I do know south Indian cuisine well, and feel that Tiffin has blurred the lines a bit. Woodlands is far better in my view, although my initial complaint about cool, somewhat indifferent service has mellowed a bit as I have become a more frequent client and regular.

    Just some thoughts, so I would be curious as to yours.

    • Thanks for reminding me of this great place that I have visited many moons ago. I will definitely give it another pop-in and I would love to blog about another Vegetarian eatery. Thanks for the great recommendation.

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