6 comments on “Ruan Thai

  1. Outstanding! The photos actually set of my food alarm. And now I know the Thai name for angel wings, which is Peek Kai Yud Sai. And now I need to sample a bowl of Tom Kha Koong, especially after this write-up and set of photos.

    • Thank you Gino. I know you have had your fair share of Thai food and I’m glad that these photos could still get that mouth saliva running.

  2. Darned Mr. Chef, you’re right they really are missing out on a great promo opportunity. You’re doing a great job with your lightroom editing. The colors are starting to pop now. Are you using the clarity option as well?

    • Thanks for the comment. I am using the clarity option in both ways, sharpening and unsharpening like in the soup shots – it adds some interest to them. What do you think of the soup shots?

      • The first two is what caused me to ask the question as they looked soft to me. For my personal taste of your shots, I like where you’re heading with the crisp and vibrant color look. You use the fill light and brightness options also right?

      • The first two were day time shots and I wanted to use the window light which was not quite far away. I am using the above options but I wanted a bit of the chiaoscuro effect from the window light. Oh well, experimenting here and trying for more variety. Thanks for your observations.

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