14 comments on “Malaysian Noodle and Rice Dishes

  1. After reading this, I think that I may have enjoyed Australia from a culinary point of view more than from a scenic/tourist vantage point. Such fine dining would have had me speaking Malay fluently before returning to Chicago.

  2. It looks like you had a great eating holiday. I remember going to Lai Foong a couple of years ago and thinking that the broth didn’t have the same intensity as before. The Dan Tarts sold at the entrance were still good though. Apparently the food court in Lot 10 is one of the best places for hawker stall food in KL. Went there once – loved it!!!

  3. Hi Alex. Your postings with photographs of the dishes make my mouth water. It also brings back happy memories of the short time Mummy and I had with you. Love. Daddy

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