5 comments on “Aroy Thai

  1. Alex. I am so delighted you discovered (and helped promote) this well deserving gem. As I work in the UMD Research Park across campus, I, too, am on the search, usually to my disappointment, for something other than Subway near campus.

    I am familiar with the term “aroy”, as it is well used, and abused, in much the same way that Saigon is for Vietnamese restaurants. But it is more than appropriate here.

    So wonderful to see this family owned establishment in the heart of P.G. and wish I could see more. I adore the very small, quiet and quaint setting. I truly feel as if I am sitting in her dining room as she rolls out the delicacies.

    Might I recommend a Vietnamese favorite while I am on the subject? VN Noodle on Rt. 3 in Crofton is a favorite. Again, family owned, I have found it difficult to go elsewhere. A bit of a hike, I know, for you, but I would be curious as to your take on this.

    • Rogers, thanks for your comment and for concurring about this wonderful gem of a place. I’m looking forward to good Thai food near my house. I will definitely check out your recommendation of the Vietnamese place since you led me to Woodlands before. Have you tried Viet Huong? It is real good.

      • No, i have not had the chance. I used to work in Roslyn, so I miss that proximity to “Little Saigon” along Wilson Blvd. I grant you that Arlington and Georgetown are unsurpassed with respect to Vietnamese. However, VN Noodle does come somewhat close. They are family owned and operated, literally by the mother, the son and the sister, and various assortments of relatives who assist. This, in a sense, also limits them to some degree, so I would be curious about your feed back.
        I discovered Aroy Thai last winter, by accident, when I was returning an item to the Book Exchange. Usually the way I discover these out of the way places.
        Another national cuisine that I yearn for is Indonesian. There were plenty in San Francisco that I discovered when I traveled there for work. An Indonesian friend who was here on a fellowship and Fulbright Scholarship in 2009 introduced me to several in New York. Alas, not in Maryland, although I am aware of a couple, again, in NOVA.
        All the best, and let me know if you wish to catch lunch at Aroy some day and swap “foodie” stories.
        BTW, I will be in Portland, OR in two weeks for a meeting. I have been before, but did not have time to really explore, so I will attempt to do some detective work on this outing.

  2. Yes, some of the best Malaysian/Indonesian eateries in hole-in-a-wall place in NYC. I would love to join you for a meal when I’m back from my travels in a month. Ttyl.

  3. Reblogged this on Wong Eats and commented:
    I’m reblogging this since Aroy Thai is offering a 3-course dinner for $15 during the week Aug 11th – 17th as part of College Park Restaurant Week, . This is a great tasty deal!

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