11 comments on “Marrakesh P Street

  1. You know, bastilla is served in Morocco for special occasions and on special holidays. And it’s a dish that the well-off enjoy. Rather economical, it’s a good thing we can enjoy that at Moroccan restaurants on this side of the Atlantic.

    Great review, inviting photos as usual, and having passed by Marrakesh P Street without going in, I have now enjoyed it vicariously through your write-up. Oh, and I think I know of the other restaurant you mentioned in the first paragraph.

  2. I found your review very informative and positive, once I got into it. Based on your recommendation, which corroborates some other reviews, I now plan to dine at Marrakesh. However, I almost brushed by the review after reading into the first paragraph. You start off talking about another restaurant that you did not like, but as the negative comments went on, it sounded like you were talking about Marrakesh. Luckily I read on.

    I’m an editor, and my professional opinion is that you should just delete the part about the other restaurant, which you hated and didn’t name anyway, and start talking right away about the wonderful restaurant you ARE reviewing. I recognize that you were trying to do a creative set-up for the review proper, but for me it was slightly confusing. Otherwise, your review is beautifully written and amazingly detailed. I love all the photos.

    • Thank you for your constructive criticism on this review. I knew I was taking a chance opening up the blog with the forementioned paragraph. I will avoid such confusion in the future per your expertise on this matter.

      I have a question. I have been writing about the history of my people and their cuisine for the last 12 years, hoping to publish it soon. Do you happen to know anyone, including yourself, who could steer me in the right direction, writing wise and in the area of publication? I would appreciate your kind thoughts. Thanks.

  3. i am confused. So Marrakesh DC @ 617 New York Avenue(marrakeshdc.c om website stillworks) owned by the Kouchacjis closed bc it was sold bc it was prime real estate.
    It reopened with same owners @ 2147 P street in Dupont Circle as Marrakesh Palace/ Marrakesh P Street.
    It is now called Marrakech with a c (marrakechrestaurantdc.com) and is still in Dupont Circleon P street.
    Is this right ?

    • Marrakesh P St opened while Marrakesh NY Ave was still in business, and from my understanding, they were not related to each other at all. Since then it has changed hands. I really enjoyed the cooking there last year – please check out my blog on the place. Thanks for your comment.

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