5 comments on “Volt

  1. The pictures look amazing. The food definitely looks mouth watering but I couldn’t ever see myself spending that much money for a single meal. I couldn’t see myself spending that much money for an item of clothes (unless it’s a coat).

  2. The photography of the food is absolutely top. After reading your review, it goes to show you that just because a restaurant is high-end and receives rave reviews from some, that doesn’t mean the food is always commensurate. A discriminating palate knows better.

  3. I used to live in DC and now live in the downtown historic district of Frederick. There are quite a number of very good restaurants (many with Zagat ratings) within a few minutes walk of my house–one of them being VOLT. Both my girlfriend and I are foodies and we definitely have our favorites in this town and, although we were big fans of Bryan’s in the Top Chef series, we aren’t nearly as taken with VOLT is a dining experience as most reviewers seem to be. Your review summarizes many of the same feelings we had about dining there (twice) in the past. The staff is cooly, but impersonally, efficient. The menu descriptions are elusive and the actual dishes often bear little resemblance or composition to what one would presume was to be served (man cannot live on foam, alone). Frankly, the most stellar dishes we’ve enjoyed there are the amuse bouche, the soups, some starters, and desserts. I love well-prepared sweetbreads–I probably ate the worst-prepared of my life at VOLT–undercooked and slimey. Unforgiveable with organ meat. My girlfriend is allergic to goat and, despite the plethora of goat cheese offerings that did and still abound on all of Bryan’s menus, from appetizers to desserts (although some are long overdue for a change–esp. goat cheese ravioli)– to the credit of the restaurant, they always manage to come up with good substitutes for her. A good restaurant, but pricey and for that amount of money (and much less), one can enjoy perhaps a more plebian presentation, but a stellar meal at many of the other restaurants within a few blocks of VOLT. Give Frederick another look-around and taste-around….

    • James, thanks for your comments that seem to concur with the blog. I will give Frederick another try in the future. Thanks for the blog view and happy eating!

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